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After a one hours drive we arrived "Jasper" in the morning. One of the highlights were the lakes at "Jasper N.P." and "Spirit Island". By boat we drove on the beautiful turquoise "Maligne Lake", 22km long until we landed after 30 minutes. Spirit Island at Maligne lake is that picture, which you imagine about the wilderness of canada; natural pur. Small wooded islands at the turquoise glacier lake, dense coniferous trees at shore and all around silver-grey glacier on schoulders of the threethousands.

Spirit Island

Back again we hiked to the spectacular "Maligne Canyon". The trail winds downhill and crosses the canyon six times. Deep down the river roars through the narrow gorge.

Maligne Canyon Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon

After a strenuous ascent we drove back to Jasper and checked in at a motel next to "Lake Pyramid".

Lake Pyramid

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