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  10.10.2015 - 11.10.2015

20 kilometer to the border awaiting the first place in Texas. There is not much to see in Shamrock, only the former gas station with the Restaurant U-Drop Inn. It was in 1936 built in a quaint art deco style, but was left to decay after the golden years of the 66. Meanwhile, the building was renovated and declared a national monument.

Restaurant U-Drop Inn Shamrock

Restaurant U-Drop Inn Shamrock Restaurant U-Drop Inn Shamrock

On the almost 900 kilometer from Oklahoma City to Albuquerque Amarillo is the only metropolitan variety in an empty and deeply rustic land... however, without the hit "This is the way to Amarillo"  by Tony Christie, Amarillo would certainly absolutely no concept in Europe.


40 kilometer south of Amarillo is the second longest canyon system of the USA, the Palo Duro Canyon and he hardly attracts more than one twentieth of the crowds of the big brother in Arizona.

Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon Palo Duro Canyon

The ten buried Cadillacs have become the American icon  in a few decades. The Cadillac Ranch was established in 1974. The millionaire Stanley March offered the artist group "Ant Farm" from San Francisco for a work of art, a piece of his land to. The Cadillac Ranch was born. Initially, the car wore their original finish, but quickly began sprayer to paint the objects. Several times they were completely repainted, but it never lasted more than 24 hours until the first self-proclaimed Garffiti artists struck. Art can touch. No Safety shields the object from the visitor, you can shamelessly climb on the car wrecks or leave his personal mark by spray.

Cadillac Ranch

Cadillac Ranch

In Adrian is the Midpoint Cafe. The midpoint of the Route66. Both Chicago and Los Angeles, it will be exactly 1.139 miles.

Midpoint Cafe

Midpoint Cafe Midpoint

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