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The downhill of Streif starts at 1.665 meters. The anomaly is the steep start and the following notorious Mausefalle.

Streif Start

From the athletes already is badly needed courage and self confidence extreme. The edge of the Mausefalle constrains the athletes to a jump of 50 up to 80 meters. Also the following compression demands a lot from the athletes. The centrifugal forces burdened the athletes extreme at the transition, that become fatally also for favorites.

Streif Mausefalle

The Karusell as S-curves at Steilhangeinfahrt and above all the long curve to right are decisive for victory or defeat. The following Steilhang is one of the difficult technical parts of worldcup.

Streif Steilhang

After Steilhang begin the Gleitstuecke as Brueckenschuss and Gschoess, which need beside good slide also fitness and a fast ski.

Streif Gleitstück

Next, the athletes reach over a hazardous ride along the Alten Schneise a technical part again.

Streif Alte Schneise

Streif Seidlalm

The Seidlalmsprung completes since 1994 as additional part the middle one.

Streif Seidlalmsprung

When the athletes reach the end of their constitution, the dramatic final follows: The Hausbergkante - a jump - then a difficult curves to the left over big hillocks - at last a final ride and final compression. Peak-speeds up to 140km/h are reached.

Streif Hausbergkante

The atletes are pushed forward by the audience over the Rasmusleitn to the end of Streif. There they are araised enthusiasm in comming down.

Streif Zielhang

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