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  12.9.2000 - 13.9.2000

The landmark of the city, the "Space Needle", looks like an Ufo, which was landed on high stilts. On the top we enjoyed the sunset, which covered the city and "Mount Rainer" in the rear with a golden haze.

Seattle Skyline

View from Space Needle to Seattle

Right at morning we went by Monorail to "Pike Place Market". In the near of harbour, above the "Waterfront", the market represents a quarter, and multi-storey cover some floors with corridors, sections and events. This former farmer- and fish market from 1907 offers a lively impression, with Gourmet stands, flower- and fruit market as well as clothing shops and a flea market. This market is not only the oldest but also the most interesting one of north america.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

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