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  5.11.2011 - 7.11.2011

After another 70 km we reached our destination Paihia in the Bay of Islands. The town of 7.000 inhabitants, is an enviable location and an ideal base for exploring the surrounding area to Waitangi, Kerikeri and Russell.


We enjoy the Waitangi National Reserve, the surrounding landscape, the magnificent views to the Bay of Islands, with palm trees, ferns and mangrove forests.

Waitangi Haruru Falls


Waitangi Rainforest Waitangi Rainforest

The third place in the Bay of Islands Kerikeri, is located 23km from Paihia. Here is the oldest stone house in the country, Stone Store. The massive three-story building was built in 1832 as a warehouse for flammable goods.

Kerikeri Stone Store

Kerikeri Stone Store Kerikeri Stone Store

A small path leads us from the Stone Store to Rewa's Village, a replica of a Maori village so it looked like the first missionaries. The village was built on a historical site with original material.

Kerikeri Rewa Village Kerikeri Rewa Village

Kerikeri Rewa Village Kerikeri Rewa Village

Of all the places in the Bay of Islands Russell looks at the most eventful history, remember the different buildings.


The Christ Church was built by Samuel Marsden and Charles Darwin. In the cemetery are the graves of early settlers at the time.


The Pompalier house got its name after the first Catholic bishop in the country. The building was named after him, but mainly as a mission printing. This particular print is to call for their services to the Maori language.


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