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  8.7.2002 - 9.7.2002



The Route

Ascent: First we go down from the Franz-Josefs-Hoehe(2.500m) to the Pasterze. At the Pasterze(2.200m) till to Hofmannsweg and continuing to Hofmannsgletscher. The Hofmannsgletscher up to Salmhoehe(3.282m) and Salmkamp to the Erzherzog-Johann-Huette at the Adlersruhe(3.450m). The ascent to the summit goes over the steep Glocknerleitl to Kleinglockner continuing over the Glocknerscharte to the summit(3.798m).

Die Aufstiegsroute

Descent: From Adlersruhe over a snow field to Salmhoehe(3.282m). Then over the   Hohenwartscharte(3.182m) and a steep snow field to Salmhütte(2.638m). Continuing the Wiener Hoehenweg to the Glocknerhaus(2.136m Speicher Margaritze).

The Pasterze has a lenght of approximatly 9km and is the largest single glacier of the east alps. The glacier begins at Johannisberg (3.454m) and ends below Franz-Josefs-Hoehe (2.200m). At present the glacier decreases rapidly, the Pasterze loses 5 meters in thickness and approximately 20 meters in the length.

The Pasterze 2.200m

After crossing the Pasterze(crevasse!) at the entry to the Hofmannsweg and over that to the Hofmannsgletscher.

Begin of ascent 2.200m

The ascent across the Hofmannsweg

The Hofmannsweg goes over snowfree area to the Glocknerkarkamp. We crossed the Glocknerkarkamp at a hight of 2.796m.

Snowfield at the Glocknerkarkamp

The rest was uncomfortable on the rock before we climbed across the Hofmannsgletscher. Now we assembled our crampon and climbing belt at the first time.

Resting place 2.793m

Resting place 2.793m

We crossed the steep Hofmannskees and climbed up to Hohenwartkopf. In this place their combines the ascent with that of the Salmhoehe. The air is noticeable thin and at a hight of 3.000 meters the ascent becomes very hard.

At the Hofmannsgletscher 3.000m

At the Hofmannsgletscher 3.000m

At the Hofmannsgletscher 3.000m

We see the Erzherzog-Johann-Huette at the Adlersruhe(left side) for the first time.

The Grossglockner

Over Salmhoehe(3.282m) and Salmkamp to the Adlersruhe. So near and so far yet. The highest mountain lodge of Austria nearly to touch. It becomes harder more and more.

The Adlersruhe 3.451m

The last meters of difficult climbing to the Adlersruhe(3.451m).

The Adlersruhe 3.451m

The result our effort. The fantastic panorama from the Erzherzog-Johann-Huette at the Adlersruhe 3.451m.

Panorama from the Adlersruhe 3.451m

Blick von der Adlersruhe 3.451m 

After a short rest at the Adlersruhe we leave at 4.00p.m. to the summit. Ahead of us there are 347 vertical meters of hard climbing.

The Grossglockner

It becomes steeper and steeper all the time. In spite of crampons which press into the hard ice we slip down again and again.

Ascent to the Glocknerleitl

The Glocknerleitl !! THIS STEEP SIDE WILL NEVER BE UNDERESTIMATED !! The most important equipment are ropes and ice tools.

The Glocknerleitl

On the ridge were fited hooks and iron poles for safety. From Kleinglockner 3.770m we descent into the Glocknerscharte 20m. To cross the Glocknerscharte it is risky but therefore especially impressive. Opposite a few meters ascent to the summit.


BERG HEIL !! Not on the roof of world but after all on the roof of Austria. We stand on the summit of the highest mountain of our country at 5.30p.m. the

Grossglockner 3.798 meters.

On the summit 3.798m

3.798 meters

If the day begins at the Adlersruhe it is night at the valley still and the red of sunrise coloures the glacier. At 6.30a.m. we started the descent over the Salmhoehe.

Descent from Adlersruhe

From the Salmhoehe 3.282m over a snowfield to the Hohenwartscharte 3.182m, where our climbing is required at the last of all.

The Hohenwartscharte 3.182m

The Hohenwartscharte 3.182m

At the Hohenwartkees we sayed goodbye to our guide and descented to the Salmhuette 2.638m over the Kaerntner Grenzweg.

The Kaertner Grenzweg

The Kaertner Grenzweg

RRest at the Salmhuette 2.638m. After that we hike over the Wiener Hoehenweg to the reservoir Margaritze 2.136m where ends our tour.

The Salmhuette 2.638m


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