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In the late afternoon we reached Dunedin. Dunedin, the second Scottish-influenced city to Invercargill. With 119,000 inhabitants, Dunedeen is the fifth largest city in New Zealand. The Octagon is the most convincing and most beautiful plaza of the New Zealand city at all. Here run from all directions along the roads in an octagonal square which is surrounded by representative buildings.

"Dunedin Octagon

Dunedin St Josephs Cathedral

Dunedin Municipal Chambers

15 kilometers from Dunedin city center lies the only castle in New Zealand. Larnach Castle is an elegant mansion 19th Century. Named after its owner William Larnach the Castle was purchased after three years of construction of Larnachs family 1874. After the suicide Larnachs 1898 the mansion was auctioned with all the possessions and used as a convalescent home for nuns. 1906 Larnach Castle became the property of the Government.

Larnach Castle

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